Stock Footage

Image Bank & Stock Footage adds up to 30.000 photos and about 12.000 hours of video archived as raw stock footage material including 2.000 hours in HD 720p. All our image bank material was shot by Constantinos Tseklenis with superb art direction & lighting conditions. To view our video stock footage HD samples visit our flash site

His image & video banks, all based on his shooting research & hoarding of the Cultural Treasures of Greece, is considered one of the best, focusing in presenting the beauty of Greece. Many Film & TV productions world-wide have used his image bank material in their final projects. This material is divided in two categories, the pre-digital era bank and the digital world bank.

Our selective shooting material covers sections like nature, time-lapses, sea world, traditional customs & arts, artworks, relics, monastery life, cooking, wines, aerial  shots, underwater world, science, the animal kingdom, etc. All materials are archived in 15 sec. selections mov files with color correction using Pros Res 422 LT Lossless  Codec.

Our Camera Department is equipped with Red One, Sony F3, Arricam LT, P2 Panasonic, Canon 7D & 5D plus Panasonic GH3 & GH4 DSLR Cameras, Cooke & Angenieux PL Mount Lenses plus Voigtlander MFT Lenses, AKG Microphones, Steadicam Unit, Griping Equip, Accessories, Dollies, Lighting Equipment, Tripods, Mic Guns, Broadcasting Van, plus a well-trained, professional and very experienced 10 member camera crew.

You can visit our video stock footage on our flash site to view HD Video samples.