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Sani Resort Gourmet Festival

The video work presents all renowned chefs and their gastronomic creations during the Sani Resort Gourmet Festival that takes place every year in Halkidiki.

Sani Gourmet 2013 has taken tradition into the future. Titled “The Scent of Memory” this year’s festival was particularly ambitious in its objectives: to demonstrate that the New Greek Cuisine is not only an established fact, but that it represents an important element in our cultural traditions, an addition to the many strengths of our country as it seeks to attract high-quality tourism. The festival featured a number of prominent Greek chefs, competing amicably in the field they know best and using simple ingredients to create a wide range of gastronomic delights, all from a purely Greek repertoire.

​Constantinos Tseklenis apart from shooting wine and food programs is a keen food & wine spectator, focusing in revealing the new greek cuisine. He has developed a unique video bank database of the greek gastronomy including wines, wineries, recipes, chef portraits, unique taverns and restaurants. In Sani Gourmet Festival he created several videos for Sani Resort & The Gourmet Festival that took place in the Sani Peninsula in Halkidiki spread out in 4 luxurious restaurants accompanied by exquisite Greek wines.

The video above was created as a web teaser while all chefs combined both tradition and innovation to define the distinctive characteristics of the new Greek haute cuisine, offering a working manifesto, a turning point in the gastronomic identity of our country, which despite its present difficulties can still unleash powerful creative forces.

Constantinos entered their cuisine using a food pornography type of cinematography to present their efforts.

The Sani Resort is now well on the way to establishing itself as a destination for those with a serious interest in food and the culinary art, investing in the initiative and ingenuity of expert chefs with a determination to offer ever more exciting menus. It is our hope that the Sani Gourmet Festival will help to make Greece a place to visit for the gourmet, attracting a class of tourists able to appreciate the finer pleasures of life. This has been a joint endeavour, supported by all the chefs who took part, the people who worked anonymously behind the scenes for many months to prepare the Festival, the staff and management of the Sani Asterias Suites, Porto Sani Village, Sani Beach Club, Sani Beach Hotel, the restaurants and the Sani Marina where the Festival was held, the various companies who sponsored the event and the guests who flocked to Sani to sample the delicious dishes.

The following video above presents highlights as a general edit of the Sani Gourmet Festival and the facilities of the Resort located in the beautiful and picturesque Sani Peninsula including the Sani Marina, the Sani Porto Village, the Asterias Suites, the Sani Beach Club, the Spas, the Various Restaurants and the Recreational Areas. A special place where nature and man exist in harmony. A family – owned ecological reserve stretching across 1,000 acres, with endless golden beaches enchantingly framed by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean and the magnificent pine forests of the Kassandra peninsula. Sani Peninsula is a unique place to visit offering a variety of activities such as bird watching, bicycling, diving, watersking, boat cruising, fishing as well as many cultural musical & theatrical events.

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