Lightme Led Light Fixtures

Constantinos Tseklenis has designed a new series of Led Light Fixtures. Sirius is the first led light of the new line branded as Lightme developed by Smartframes. The production focuses in creating powerful led lights using highly designed aesthetic standards and powerful led emitters.

Sirius is the first name code product of the Lightme brand series. The names of all the future led fixtures currently being designed such as pleiades, procyon, altair, pollux, vega, sigma and virginis are inspired by a stellar walk into the Universe and will be used in the future products of the line.

This IP65 Led Light Fixture is equipped with a powerful 9 watt Vossloh – Schwabe led light module including a 3 X 3 W led emitter unit developed by Cree. It has a build in 700 mA transformer powered with a range of 85 – 260 Volts AC and produces 960 lumens of pure warm 2800 K tungsten light with a 20° spot projection. 100% physical aluminum CNC, refined electrostatic color coating and a 2 meter kevlar power cable.

Thanks to the use of highly efficient LEDs these Triple Power Emitter modules guarantee a highly efficient lumen output of up to 960 lm at max. 700 mA and up to 108 lm/W). The Triple Power Emitter modules are available in daylight white, neutral white and warm white. The modules are available with a fixed 20° and 40° optical attachment to enable the creation of various lighting scenes.

If extra power supply units are used for operation, the following protective measures must be ensured: short circuit protection, overload protection, overheating protection. Unique for various applications: Outdoor & Garden Lighting, Interiors & Architectural Illumination, Entertainment, Shop Design, Marking of Paths & Stairs.

Smartframes has lit many Tv Productions and Events but lately has also developed new Light Design Techniques and Lights Products in collaboration with various Greek, Italian and Czech Manufacturers improving the Fiber Optics, Led & Events Lighting environment in audiovisuals.