Buildme Kit Origami Lights

Apart from the Lightme series Smartframes has another group of lights in the production line branded as Buildme. These origami inspired lights are decorative lighting products sold in a “buildme yourself” kit.

Customers can assemble these lights together very easily in different schemes and designs. The purpose of these aesthetically awesome designed lights is to create a more eco-friendly product that will produce interesting highlights & shadows creating either dramatic or soft ambient lighting conditions.

Constantinos Tseklenis has designed many Origami Lights for the Buildme line which Smartframes Audiovisuals will develop into final light products. All lights will be eco-friendly and the materials used will be recycled paper, cardboard, kevlar paper, recycled metal, transparent felt and aluminum sheets. The photos of demos in the above gallery will give you a vague idea of the final products. Stay tuned to visit again the site or blog to watch the refinements and developments for this unique light products line.