A Taste of Greece

Discover the unique culinary heritage of Greece in an unforgettable journey.

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Constantinos Tseklenis has designed a new speculative campaign and audiovisual presentation for E.O.T. the Greek National Tourism Organization focusing on promoting the Greek Gastronomy Woldwide and communicating the importance of all Greek P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) agricultural and food products.

Titled “A Taste of Greece” the video spec written, filmed, edited, directed and produced by Constantinos Tseklenis & Smartframes Audiovisuals presents the unique culinary heritage of Greece and the country’s indisputable beauty. It is an attempt to invite travelers from all over the world to experience the rich and flavorful culture of Greece – Europe`s Culinary Giant.

Click the play button above and listen to the audio narration or view the video below.

The following paragraphs are extracts of the documentary’s narration embeded in the beginning of this post and executed by actor Gregory Patrikareas, while the analytical concept thesis can be viewed by clicking here. The project’s ambition is to work linked with the “Green Olive Food Guide” project which is an iPhone/iPad application designed by Smart Frames. Additional information can be found in this site here.

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Greece is a country of particular charm and authentic people. Numerous archeological sites are evidence to the prosperous life, revealing culinary skills from the earliest times in this region. The Greek coastline is formed by thousands of cozy little beaches, peninsulas, cliffs and islands with crystal clear waters and sandy beaches. Αlso the greek mountains are oasis of rich forests, fresh air, herbs, limpid waters and waterfalls.

Greece is full of villages that carry on the traditions, customs and artisan work that has been handed over from father to son. Try the typical cuisine of every region, with all its delicacies and Traditional (DOP) Protected Designation of Origin Products.

Explore the country’s beauty and experience the unique traditional cuisine of Greece formed under various influences or try the New Greek Cuisine the new gastronomical identity formed by imaginative, daring and creative new chefs who manage to take the Greek Gastronomy into another level offering a mix of great flavors and scents that are hard to resist and forget.

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Greece is the bridge of the East to the West. The cuisine of Greece – the country of Athina the Olympian Goddess of wisdom who offered the olive tree to the Athenians as a major symbolic gift of healthy nutrition and prosperity, also the country of Homer, Alexander the Great and Achestratos (the first gourmet historian in the hole mankind history) – was formed under various national, cultural and geographical influences and mixtures. It consists of a very diverse, light and heavy, spicy & mild food that is partially a combination of Ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman Cuisine also influenced by minorities such as Cyprians, Pontians, Pomacs, Gypsies and Muslims.

The main characteristic ingredients of Greek Cuisine such as the Olive Oil considered the best in the world, the plethora of unique vegetables, beans, fruits herbs and fish identify Greek Cuisine as the perfect example of Mediterranean Diet but apart from that Greece is full of gastronomic experiences.

The unique Olive Oil from Crete and Messinia Regions, the delicious local Tomates, wild Capers and Fava of Santorini, the spicy Feta Cheese of Epirus, the Goats of Samothraki, the Orchomenos Dairy Products, the famous Kythirian Honey, the incredible number of wine varieties such as Assyrtiko, Moschofilero, Malagouzia, Xinomavro, Agiorgitiko and Vinsanto. Also the famous Cretan Raki and Ouzo from Mytilini, the unique and irresistible starter dishes known as Mezedes the greek alternative to Tapas before even tapas were invented, the Smoked Cheese of Metsovo and the Syglino Smoked Pork from the Mani Region, the scent full herbs as oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage all included in specialties that are hard to describe, and some of them don’t even have a match in other nations’ vocabularies. The best you can do is Visit Greece and taste them all, discovering the local Greek gastronomy in an unforgetable journey .

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(The following is another extract focusing on one of the important greek gastronomical destinations which is the island of Santorini.)

” Santorini … Visit the Island of Santorini, picking from a variety of luxurious boutique hotels to stay overlooking the breathtaking volcanic cliff of Caldera. Enjoy a guided tour through the Archeological Museum of Santorini and visit the excavations in Akrotiri. Explore the unique architecture of traditional villages such as Emborio and Pyrgos or visit the Volcanic Crater in Kammeni and enjoy the incomparable sunset in Oia.

Swim in the refreshing crystal clear deep waters of Columbo, Red Beach and Vlyhada and try the local dishes like Tomatokeftedes made of delicacies such as the little tomato of Santorini, or Fava spread made of local lentils and enjoy a must have genuine Horiatiki salad with Feta Cheese and wild pickled Capers leafs.

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Live a unique experience of flavors exploding in your mouth. Enjoy eating fish with your hands, tasting grilled Sardines, Balades, Koutsomoures, Lobsters or Peskandritsa. Visit the numerous wineries spread all over the island and try varieties like Assyrtiko, Mavrotragano and Vinsanto the famous sweet wine of Santorini. Also try tsikoudia with toursi pickled vegetables and enjoy your meal in a plethora of tavernas by the sea in Vlyhada and Ammoudi or in luxurious restaurants located in Pyrgos, Oia & Imerovigli making this trip a Dream Come Through Experience. A World Class Cuisine in every Taste of Greece.

All concept designs, scripts and audiovisual contents belong to the author and are copyright protected by Creative Commons.